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We are committed

to bridge your future and expand the horizons

in the land of the rising sun

Dear valuable customer,

It is a great pleasure to announce Janusa Quality Center as an education consultancy and training center, established in January 2024, located at Bandung City West Java Province Indonesia.

Janusa Quality Center subsidiary of Janusa E-Cooperative which is a sister company of PT KPSG Group as a holding company with our main business activities, Japanese language classes, training, outsourcing, and cooperative, to bridge the future and expand the Indonesian students to continue their education level and have job placement opportunity.

As we know, Japan, with its technological advances, innovation, and leading education system, is a very attractive destination for Indonesia’s young generation who is determined to pursue an international career. 

The Education system that we provide is designed to produce Indonesian graduates who are ready to work and adapt to the demands of the job required by Japanese companies.

It’s important to remember that this program is an investment for their future. With tenacity enthusiasm for learning and perseverance, you will not only get an academic degree but also have an excellent chance of getting a job at leading companies in Japan. Therefore, to improve your Japanese language skills and interpersonal skills at Janusa Quality Center.

We are committed to bridging your future and expanding the horizons in the land of the rising sun.


Warm Regards,
Mahesa Angga Nugraha



We are a leading organization dedicated to facilitating transformative educational experiences for individuals aspiring to “Study and Work Abroad”. With a commitment to fostering cross-cultural understanding and global collaboration, we empower students to broaden their horizons and build a foundation for success in an increasingly interconnected world.


To bridge educational and professional opportunities between nations, providing students with the skills, knowledge, and cultural exposure necessary to thrive in a globalized society. We aim to create a positive impact on individuals' lives by offering comprehensive programs that combine academic excellence with practical work experiences.

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